Edward D. Tracy, captain:

Was raised at Huntsville, Madison County, and contained during its existence an aggregate membership, officers and men, Of 135. 

Of these there were:

Killed in battle 17
Wounded 20
Died of disease 6
Discharged 28
Captured 4
Deserted 0


Captain Tracy was elected major of the  Thirteenth Alabama August 1, 1861, and then appointed brigadier-general, and killed at Port Gibson, May 1, 1863.  He was succeeded in the captaincy by C. C. Sale, who died of disease in September, 1861.  He was succeeded by L. H. Scruggs, who was promoted to major September 30, 1862, and subsequently to lieutenant-colonel, and served through to the surrender.  He was succeeded in the  captaincy by W. Harris, who seems to have served through to the surrender.

[Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Scruggs, form Huntsville, had by his courage and faithfulness well earned promotion to the rank of full colonel, but it is unknown if he received it before the bottom dropped out of the Confederacy at Appomattox.  He moved to Nashville, Tennessee.]


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