Battles in Which the Regiment Participated.

Battle Date Engagement
First Manassas July 21, 1861 heavily engaged
Seven Pines May 30, 1862 actively engaged
Gaines' Farm. June 27, 1862 actively engaged
Malvern Hill July 2, 1862 under artillery fire
Warrenton Springs August 24, 1862 skirmish.
Second Manassas August 30, 1862 actively engaged
Boonsborough, Md. September 14, 1862 actively engaged.
Sharpsburg, Md. September 17, 1862 actively engaged.
Fredericksburg, Va. December 13, 1862 under artillery fire only
Suffolk April 11 to May 3, 1863 skirmishing.
Gettysburg, Pa. July 2 and 3, 1863 heavily engaged
Hazel River, Va. July 27, 1863 skirmish
Chickamauga, Ga.  September 19-20, 1863  heavily engaged
Wauhatchic, in Lookout Valley October 28, 1863 actively engaged
Knoxville, Tn. November 25 and December 1, 1863 actively engaged
Dandridge, Tn. January 16, 1864 heavy skirmishing
Wilderness, Va. May 6, 1864 heavily engaged
Spottsylvania Court House May 8 to 12, 1864 actively engaged
Hanover junction May 25, 1864 skirmishing
Second Cold Harbor June 3, 1864 actively engaged behind works
Chester Station, or Hewlett's House. June 17, 1864 engaged
Deep Bottom August 14, 1864 skirmish
Fussell's Mills August 16, 1864 actively engaged
Fort Cooper September 29, 1864 lively skirmish
Fort Harrison September 30, 1864 charged and repulsed
Darbytown Road October 7, 1864 active but brief engagement
Charles City and Darbytown Road October 13, 1864 active skirmish
Nine Mile Road October 27, 1864 skirmishing

From Petersburg to Appomattox the regiment was sometimes under skirmish or artillery fire, but not engaged, and at the surrender stacked but few more than one hundred muskets.
From the foregoing it will be seen that the regiment was in twenty eight engagements, some of them small affairs, but many of them the hardest battles of the war. It was also engaged in some skirmishes which are not designated as battles.

The regiment contained from first to last, officers and men, 1,389. 
Of these there were:

killed in battle 243
died of disease 90
wounded in battle 275
discharged from service 373
Captured 63*
deserted during the war 79

 * about half of this number were taken at Gettysburg 

The 4th Alabama