I write poetry for the following reason;

Every Fiction Writer should compose poetry,
it sharpens imagery and disciplines diction.
                                ...Paul Raymond Martin


The following Prompter;

Required Words:

The Toll of Guilt.

Within the summit of my mind
Searching there for dreams I'll find
Awake I see the depths confined
Asleep I face their force unkind.

Loaded down with guilt and fear
I see my fate and shed a tear
Do I care not as sleep draws near
As dreams embrace this lonesome year

Going in the realm of visions dark
Desire prowls as if a shark
I'll freeze the image and leave it stark
As consciousness reveals its mark.


The following Prompter;

Required Words:

Reaching Out.

With only words, to you I reach out my heart
Asking only to share in your search
With only words I send a piece of my self
To tender to you simply a friend

Have my words on this day encountered you
Did you heed the remnant of my soul
Have you felt the touch of my words at all
Did they stir you to accept my small gift.

To you I reach out with only pen to make contact
That a piece of your heart I may touch
With only my soul guiding my pen
I cast forth for what I may say

Have you affirmed of the offer I make
Did you believe that I want to be close
Have you thought of me as you travel the day
Did I even seem one who is real

With your words will you touch me just once
Will you grant me a glimpse of your soul
With your words will you tell me and prove that I am
Will you touch on the friend that can be


The following Prompter;

Required Words:

If I were Real to Her.

With all my might, with all my mind
I solicit another soul
Casting about in the matrix of life
Another spirit in this physical world.

Decisions made and decisions changed
She wavers on choices formed
Lost within her desires
Lost within her pain

In the lattice work of desire and pain
I watch her twirl and evade
And yet it is alone I stand
To embrace her broken path

I can only hope that when all is said
She will see me for who I am
And somehow she'll find recompense
For the pain that I have caused.


The following Prompter;

Required Words:

Trying Tymes.

The turmoil ensues as, with you, I overstep bounds
Your heart, it seems, knows me but hears not my sounds
The domain, I'm permitted, omits you from those of my rounds
Will you accept the truth that, to me, your choices astounds
Are they not priceless, my offerings, before you in mounds
If only your joy, for me, could be measured in pounds


No Prompter Provided ><

Night's Sentinel.

Standing alone.
Silent and tall, guarding ground.

Defying darkness
Solitude's companion, watchful and unyielding

Looking outward
Showing danger to all who will see

Courage undaunted
A monument to the frailties of the past

Lonely vigil
On point, reminding us our need one for another.

Beam of warning
Beam of hope
Standing silent
Standing guard
Odds against
Slowly scanning.


No Prompter Provided ><
Written for a friend suffering with M.S.

To a Rose

I gave away a rose today,
To a lady deserving of love.

I gave away a rose today,
Asking only to see it received.

In the petals of red I see courage
In the thorns the strength to endure.

I gave away a rose today
To a lady who required no splendor

I gave away a rose today
And she received it and gave me a smile

In its fragrance I find love, freely given
In its long stem the will to resist.

I gave away a rose today
And with it a piece of my heart

I gave away a rose today
To tell her to strive from her heart.

And I ask of that rose
Please remind this grand lady
Settle not for less than her triumph.

I gave away a rose today


The following Prompter;

    Compare Tea and Coffee

In Hot Water.
    or how I may land myself there.

Coffee is a bean.
Tea is a leaf.

Coffee is a beverage.
Tea is an occasion.

Coffee rev's you up.
Tea Relaxes you.

You can't get started with out your coffee
You cannot be civilized without tea (see Douglas Adams)

You can't wait for coffee
You look forward to tea.

Coffee is called ; Coffee, joe, java, break fluid, espresso, late`
Tea is called; Tea.

Coffee is boiled, dripped, pressurized, and strained
Tea is steeped.

You drink coffee
You experience tea.

When finished, coffee leaves dregs, bitter dregs.
Tea bequeaths leafs, leafs that you can read.


The following Prompter;

    The Virtues of a Rabbit vs. a Teddy Bear

In Style

The rabbit wears fur
The teddy bear is properly attired in synthetic

The teddy bear is cuddly
The rabbit is cuddly but is known to scratch.

The rabbit needs to be fed. Daily!
The teddy bear never needs maintenance

The teddy bear can stay with you full time, 24/7.
The rabbit will soil your lap and bed given enough time.

The rabbit is known to bite on occasion.
The teddy bear never bites.

The teddy bear, like a TwinkieTM , has no nutritional value.
The rabbit is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol.

The rabbit tastes like chicken.
The teddy bear tastes like pocket lint. (chicken)

When the teddy bear dies, you wrap him in plastic and put him in the attic.
When the rabbit dies, you prepare a nursery in your home.
      And then you will need to buy a Teddy Bear!